St Bede’s Foundation

St Bede’s Foundation aims to develop the intellectual curiosity and creativity of every pupil through a balanced and enriching curriculum. We seek to nurture students by providing curricular choices that cater for their individual God-given talents and interests.
To support this the College provides a dedicated and supportive staff who are always willing to go the extra mile in terms of providing support and encouragement to students. We aim to provide a holistic education which academic and personal success.

St. Bede’s Foundation vision

Since 1876, St Bede’s College has provided the very best in Catholic education to people in Manchester. The investment by St. Bede’s Foundation will enable our school to continue to live up to this magnificent legacy and help it to become the strongest leader in Catholic education. We start an exciting journey for our beloved College.

St. Bede’s Foundation & St. Bede’s college

St. Bede’s Foundation as new owner of the College will continue to work closely with the Diocese of Salford who are delighted with the investment and new partnership.


Pupils at St Bede’s will experience no difference in the day-to-day running of the school. The main differences they will see will be the improvements to the facilities they enjoy. Recreational areas and toilets have already been improved, and this is just the beginning of the ongoing programme of enhancing existing provision. The IT system in school is going to benefit from major investment, which will not only support teaching and learning in the classroom, but will also enable better and more ambitious remote learning provision. The St Bede’s Foundation will not make changes to the curriculum, to the way the pupils are taught, or to the ethos and values which underpin College life.

St Bede’s College is proud to welcome pupils from Catholic and non-Catholic backgrounds into the Bedian family. This will continue to be the case. Our ethos at St Bede’s puts our Catholic values at its core and informs every aspect of College life where, as staff and pupils, we all try to live those values. Our belief is that we should provide an environment in which every pupil feels that their faith is supported within the school environment.

Mrs Pike greatly values and is closely supported by her Senior Leadership Team. She will continue to work with them to improve all aspects of Bedian life. She and Mrs Hunt believe that their close relationship, and shared ambition and vision for St Bede’s College will allow the team to guide the Prep and the College to an increasingly successful future.

The St Bede’s Foundation is a charity, registered in England (reg no: 1191482), and set up by Fundación Parentes.

The St Bede’s Foundation is committed to improve academic standards and understands the importance of every child having the means and support to achieve his or her potential. The Fundación Parentes has particular expertise in IT provision, and we are confident that this will bring huge benefits to pupils and staff at St Bede’s College. The Senior Leadership Team will continue to work with all teachers to ensure that your child has the best possible educational experience.

There will be no change to the Admissions Process.