In recent months, the Parentes Foundation has organised a total of 5 training courses for teachers of the schools of the Daughters of Charity in African and American countries. These are teacher training courses through which some speakers -most of them experienced teachers with extensive professional experience- transmit their “good teaching practices” in different areas.

Specifically, a total of 30 speakers have given sessions in these courses. The content of the sessions was very practical and covered topics such as: teaching methodologies, the relationship between the school and families, academic planning, meaningful learning, student motivation, the role of the tutor in the classroom, etc.

Moreover, these trainings have been received with great enthusiasm by the participants as in most cases there were no precedents. It is worth mentioning that most of these schools are located on the outskirts of the cities or have a precarious economic situation which makes it impossible to organise similar training courses. The Daughters of Charity, in their mission, are committed to assisting numerous humanitarian activities, with education being one of the most important.

Specifically, these courses have been attended by teachers from around 20 countries of very different origins: Angola, Mozambique, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. All of them have followed the trainings online or in hybrid format from each of their schools.

At the Parentes Foundation we are convinced of the value of good training in creating a fairer society. And that is why we are aware of the valuable contribution that teachers and schools make in this endeavour.