First workshop of the International Educational Network Parentes Foundation

Last Tuesday, the first workshop of the International Educational Network was held at the headquarters of Parentes Foundation. The main objective of this annual meeting was to share all the projects that are being carried out in order to promote equal access to quality education in different geographical areas.

The meeting was attended by a total of 23 people, including the Parentes Foundation team, delegates from each region – Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bratislava, Sweden and Budapest, Ecuador, Angola, Congo and Cameroon, among others – as well as external collaborators and project advisors.

The Parentes Foundation’s projects range from consultancy and training in different areas to the comprehensive management of the institutions. This means a reach of more than 3,000 pupils in America, Europe and Africa.

Exchange of educational experiences

The conference was opened by the president of the Arenales Educational Network and advisor to the Parentes Foundation, Alfonso Aguiló, who stressed that “education must make society increasingly plural, freer, more equitable, in which we learn to live together, to reach agreements and to commit ourselves to building a better world”.

For their part, each of the delegates exchanged experiences with their counterparts from other countries. Among the most important points mentioned were: the importance of having an educational project with a purpose, the continuous training of teachers and the motivation of the promoters.

From the Parentes Foundation, they talked about the development of nursery schools, the BeLeader educational project, the training of managers and tutors, communication and promotion, and the centralisation of financial management that is being carried out.