Last week the team of the Parentes Foundation travelled to Kinshasa – Congo – to meet with the directors of the Liziba and Bozindo schools and learn first hand about the current situation of both educational institutions.

During this trip, the Parentes Foundation also held strategic meetings with AFEDI (African Associaton for the Education and Training). A non-profit association that manages the activities of both schools.

Supporting schools in Africa is one of the objectives of the Parentes International Educational Network. Promote initiatives of a social and cooperative nature for the development of the education sector.

In this sense, the Education Network will offer support to Liziba and Bozindo in financial management, as well as other areas related to teacher and management training, development of educational projects and communication.

An important milestone was the visit to the land acquired to build and relocate Bozindo school close to Liziba school. This will facilitate communication between the two schools and improve the facilities at Bozindo.