Last November teachers from the Klinci Rinci school, located in Zagreb, made an academic visit to Spain. An official meeting with the Parentes Foundation in which they have been able to see first-hand the project of the Educational Network and the team that makes it up.

Under the premise of personalized education and values, the teachers of the Klinci Rinci school made several visits to schools with extensive experience, in Madrid to learn about different first and second Kindergarten cycles educational projects, as the ones from Red Arenales. 

The main objective of this visit has been to share educational experiences that provide students with multiple benefits in their development. Specifically, they have entered the Montessori methodology, the English project, manipulative mathematics, robotics and experienced psychomotor skills.

 While the students developed the activities in class, the teachers of this educational stage taught them different projects, what methodology they use, how they carry out the activities and what benefits they bring to the students.

The Klinci Rinci school is part of the Parentes Educational Network, which currently has a presence in more than eight countries with different educational entities to promote personalized education, with humanistic training and values ​​of coexistence.