Madrid, January 24th – In its mission to promote access to quality education and support the institutions that carry out educational projects, the Parentes Foundation joins the International Day of Education.

Education is a human right, a public good and a collective responsibility, as dictated by the General Assembly of the United Nations five years ago to promote quality, inclusive and equitable education for children and youth throughout their school life.

The general support to schools and institutions that strive to achieve these goals is one of the priorities of the International Educational Network of the Parentes Foundation.

Currently, the International Educational Network has a presence in 11 countries and a reach of more than 3,000 students and 500 teachers.

In addition, the International Educational Network supports different institutions in various areas: from school management, improvement of facilities, teacher training, to access to new technologies as a differentiating element for equitable access to the labor market.

We will continue on our path so that no institution loses its capacity to influence the environment, favoring a free and equitable access to quality education. Without forgetting, all the families, teachers, and professionals who work to make it possible.