• The International Educational Network of the Parentes Foundation is formed by schools located in different countries on the 4 continents. 
  • About 2,200 students from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools have started the school year 22-23 with great enthusiasm to continue with the educational project in their respective schools. 
  • Management teams, teachers, and non-teaching staff will continue to receive support from the Parentes Foundation to continue with the academic and training objectives.

Madrid, September 19, 2022.-  Around 2.200 students of the Parentes Educational Network in kindergarten, primary and secondary begin a new school year in different places, cultures and contexts. 

The International Educational Network of the Parentes Foundation continues working on achieving an excellent academic education together with the formation of character in the different schools.

During this school year, the Educational Network will continue with the proposal based on the personal relationship with the student and his family, highlighting the role of schools in today’s society. Constant training of managers and teaching teams is, without a doubt, the key to guaranteeing quality education.

Many families have joined the educational project during this school year so that each of their children can make the most of their skills and become an active part of the dynamic society we live in.

Currently the International Educational Network has 7 schools located in Croatia (Ružičnjak, Klinci Rinci, Lotrščak), Czech Republic (Parentes CZ), United Kingdom (St. Bede’s), Lithuania (Šeimų darželis), Ecuador (Los Pinos) and Sweden (Kids Garden); and helps more than 36 educational institutions, associated through different projects to the Parentes Foundation. 

Besides the academic area, in these educational centers, we have developed our methodology and systems for teaching and management, which are a model and reference for the rest of the centers that benefit from the foundation´s support. Moreover, being part of a network like ours allows the centers to maintain their own identity as they enrich their knowledge and awareness of the different languages, cultures, and lifestyles.