Madrid, November 21, 2022. – The Parentes Foundation has developed theBeLeader Program for Colegio Los Pinos. This is a global program -for all the schools of the International Educational Network- that structures the development of professional skills in schools, complementing academic training with other training aspects.

The teaching team at Colegio Los Pinos has been working since its inception with the objective of “training women leaders who will change the world”, as the school’s motto states. Now it seeks to continue promoting this objective with BeLeader: a leadership program that helps students discover their best personal abilities, and helps them develop their skills to opt for a better professional future.

BeLeader is a leadership program designed for the school stage. Through the program, students are developed in 5 areas: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and leadership. Through these areas, 15 competencies are developed with a professional focus: teamwork, empathy, social commitment, communication skills, active listening, language skills, observation, analytical reasoning, problem solving, curiosity, imagination, adaptability, credibility, emotional intelligence and authenticity. 

Through activities, conferences and tutorials, Los Pinos teachers encourage students to be the best version of themselves, and foster self-awareness and metacognition. The BeLeader Program is being implemented progressively at Colegio Los Pinos. Currently, it has been implemented in three grades: 5th, 6th and 7th of EGB. 

The students also have a skills manual, thanks to which they can keep track of their personal learning. The manual includes some questions for self-examination and practical advice for students to set goals. 

In short, BeLeader is another step forward in our mission to improve the quality of education. And Colegio Los Pinos has been one of the first schools in the International Educational Network to implement it.