Classics in family

Reading brings us together: discover quality leisure activities for the family

What is Classics in Family?

Classics in Family is a family reading project, where the narration aloud of classic books will be the common thread of a cultural experience for adults and children. Each course parents will narrate the books to captivate their children, in a playful way, following a fun calendar of activities designed around the chosen book.

This educational innovation project focuses on families, looking for quality leisure where there is fun and reflection.

The Classic Book is an opportunity for your family to meet and a bridge of cultural exchange with other families and with the teachers of our educational community. It will improve the teaching and learning process of children with this non-formal education methodology, and parents will communicate with their children thanks to the Book.

Project developed by Fuenllana

What age group is Classics in Family aimed at?

Classics in Family is aimed at families with children in primary education, as these are the ages where reading must become the pillar of learning. Getting close to the words, the meanings, the stories and the fantasy they contain together with your family will facilitate an attitude of attachment to books.

With this Classics in Family Reading project, we facilitate the organization of the reading of the chosen book and the constancy to carry it out by means of animation actions throughout the course.

For this, 4 elements come into play: example, listening and oral narration, sharing quality time together and communication.

The example

Listening and oral narration

We share quality time together

Communication. Before, during and after

Emotional and academic competencies that are developed

> Family bonding and communication. Reinforcing the emotional bond in a space of conversation based on oral reading is a way of enhancing family life. Intergenerational relationship.

> Concentration and active listening is one of the opportunities offered by this project.

> Oratory and Creativity. Learning to read aloud, and developing imagination from literature is another benefit of the project.

> Reading comprehension, linguistic improvement and empathy towards the characters.

> Education in values through the behavior of the characters.

> Entrepreneurial spirit and global openness.

> Cultural enrichment with universal stories that are still relevant today.

How to participate in Classics in Family?

With the purchase of the book La isla del tesoro, families have the following materials available on the website for Clásicos en Familia:

  • The guide for families: simple guidelines for reading together at home.
  • The learn as a family section: different materials for each book to reinforce reading comprehension and education in values and emotions (character puzzles, songs and auditions, radio workshops, and the games and questions cards). All of these will be available to AMPA members.
  • Events for families: where you can find all the activities related to the Classic Book (cultural outings, family cinema, themed parties, voice-over workshops and podcasts).

Collection Titles

Clásicos ilustrados Edelvives: Great literary and material value.

  • Treasure Island (January-June 2023)
  • The Wind among the Willows
  • Bambi
  • Pinocho
  • Animal Farm
  • Tom Sawyer