Meet Aula Atelier

What is the Aula Atelier?

Project developed by Fuenllana

Aula Atelier is a methodology that transforms the plastic classroom into an art workshop that combines creation and critical thinking in children. A space where students develop a look at the outside and inside world, and find new ways to express themselves through different artistic languages, in Fuenllana, Alcorcón, in collaboration with the UNIR.

Meet the Aula Atelier

Today’s students receive messages about the person and happiness with such variety, intensity and complexity that it is difficult to form them with an anthropological foundation that integrates intelligence, will and heart.

We want to help them learn how to answer the usual questions: Where do I come from, where am I going and how can I be happy? The “Learning to be a person” program has a solid foundation that will allow them to adequately interpret and improve the world in which they live.

This proposal takes up the challenge of educating in a liquid world, a concept with which the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman defined contemporary culture: today’s students live in a context of relativism and lack of commitment, with an overabundance of information; and, at the same time, they feel challenged to fight to reduce the ills of society.

What benefits do students gain from this methodology in the Aula Atelier?

Artistic development

> To approach the processes involved in art.

> To get to know different artistic languages and their expressive possibilities.

> Creativity

> Sensitivity

> Imagination and curiosity

Social development

> Cooperative work

> Respect

> Mutual support

Cognitive development

> Real learning through their artistic experiences.

> Observation skills (slow looking)

> Productivity, ability to think of creative projects

> Linguistic production capacity in English

Motor skills and eye-hand relationship skills > Motor skills and eye-hand relationship skills

Emotional development

> Self-knowledge

> Safe space (through art) for the management of emotions

> Complementary to verbal communication

How does the Aula Atelier work?

Through stations, works by learning spaces.


Animals and architectural elements


Woods of different shapes and sizes


Sand, molds and shovel


Clay, rolling pin, pours and modeling tools, and water


> Cardboard, tempera, watercolors, water and brushes


> Paper in different formats and colors, die cutters, glue, pencils and markers.


> Fossils, insects, seeds, leaves, minerals, magnifying glass…

What are the benefits of working by stations in the Aula Atelier?

> We respect the different rhythms of the children (maturity, speed).
> We respect their needs (movement, time, speech, play, limits, attention…).
> We favor the autonomy of the child. He decides in which spaces to work, what he likes, how to do it. Afterwards, he will have to pick up.
> We favor socialization. The child interacts freely with his peers without following pre-established guidelines.
> The Atelier Classroom gives the teacher an opportunity to observe what role each child adopts within the group and what skills need to be encouraged.
> It allows the teacher to attend to and get to know the children in a more personalized way.
> It allows to reach the objectives in a more experimental and autonomous way.

How is the Aula Atelier organized in the classroom?