Teacher leadership

The Teacher Leadership course is a continuous teacher training program, which aims to provide support to teachers and promote an improvement in the teaching-learning process.

Who is it aimed at?

The course is aimed at teachers of all grades and subjects, as well as schools that want to promote and encourage the continuous training of their teaching staff.

The program

> Online course (Google Classroom)
> Taught by practicing teachers
> Do it at your own pace
> Estimated time: 6 hours


First things first

> Culture of governance in the school, in the classroom.
> Culture of communication and transparency.

Teaching and learning: learning and teaching

> Evaluate to grow.
> Programming revolution.
> The guidance department.

Digital environment: 21st century and beyond

> The “typical” classroom of the 21st century.

Teachers 2.0

> Teacher leadership.
> Personal tutoring with the family.