Madrid, January 4, 2023 _ Kids Garden Sweden takes a holistic view of children. At its headquarters located in Täby, more than 60 children attend every day in an inspiring, safe and nurturing environment where children and their parents develop their skills with joy and confidence.
The teachers work with each child, knowing that each child has different abilities to develop and learn at a stage where the brain is constantly developing. In the early years, the child’s receptivity, ability to learn and motivation are at their highest. Therefore, efforts made to stimulate a child’s language and math skills at this stage yield greater results than at any later time in his or her development.

The role of parents in education
Kids Garden Sweden, a prestigious Swedish-English preschool focused on children’s development and learning, has a positive perspective on the important role of parents and their involvement in a child’s learning and development, as well as organizing activities with families for learning and fellowship.

The preschool is presented as a support center for families in their responsibility for the child’s education, development and growth. The preschool’s task involves working with parents to ensure that each child can develop properly. To this end, it offers seminars, courses and advice through partners and entities such as IFFD.

Kids Garden Sweden is part of the Parentes Foundation. Recently, the general director, Luis González Conde, the head of development of nursery schools, Javier Bernal, and the project coordinator, María José Noya, visited the headquarters of the nursery in Sweden. An exciting project and a reference for other educational centers.