Two Vincentian schools in Madrid, which belong to the Daughters of Charity, have been transferred to Parentes International Educational Network. The recently announced change of ownership will take effect on September, 1st 2023. 

Among the objectives of Parentes Foundation is the establishment of collaboration agreements with catholic educational institutions, providing the resources and experience of Parentes International Educational Network, so that they can continue carrying on with the mission for which they were born, offering quality education in accordance with a Christian conception of man and society. 

The incorporation of San Rafael Arcangel – Santa Luisa and Sagrado Corazón schools to the Educational Network, has taken place within the framework of this kind of collaboration in response to the request of their management teams.

In the words of Sister Eugenia María González, Director of the Sacred Heart School: “The Daughters of Charity cannot continue to attend all the schools that we have and we consider that the Parentes Foundation can ensure the continuity of the project”.

From Parentes Foundation we feel a special connection with the Vincentian educational institutions and with the Company of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, with whom we have collaborated closely in the implementation of teacher training courses and development cooperation actions, such as the rehabilitation of schools in Angola and Mozambique.  

Our commitment is not only to maintain the essence of these schools but also to empower them with the resources and benefits of being part of Parentes International Educational Network.

In this new project, the commitment of Parentes Foundation is not only to maintain the identity and essence of the San Rafael Arcange – Santa Luisa and Sagrado Corazón schools but also to provide these educational centres with the resources and benefits of being part of the International Educational Network, which has the expertise of more than 50 educational institutions in Europe, Africa and South America. 

Soon, the team of Parentes International Educational Network will begin a stage of joint work with the schools boards to continue to know in depth the operation and needs of the schools. With the aim of giving continuity to the educational project, the transition will take place gradually, without altering the normal functioning of the classes and the learning process of the students.