Local Partner: Congregation Jesus and Mary

Geographical area: Localities Shadbagh, Matric Section Lahore, Mariakhel, Sialkot, Murree and Toba-Tek-Sin (Punjab province).
Toba-Tek-Sin (Punjab province).

Description: The Congregation of Jesus and Mary runs six schools in Pakistan, offering a quality comprehensive education. Many of the students come from poor families, who are provided with Many of the students come from poor families and are given access to education.
The Parentes Foundation supports the maintenance of the facilities of 6 schools in Pakistan, located in the province of Punjab.
located in the province of Punjab, promoting the use of new technologies by providing computer equipment for multimedia classrooms.
of computer equipment for multimedia classrooms. The programme also includes scholarships for students in situations of greater vulnerability, as well as training in good teaching practices for teachers, training in training for teachers, training in educational management and leadership for coordinators and head teachers, and coordinators and headmistresses, and English language scholarships.

Scope: the 6 schools supported by this programme have around 7,500 students, who benefit from the improvement of their
benefit from improved facilities as well as access to scholarships. They
49 teachers, 32 school coordinators and school principals have also been trained, and 25 scholarships have been
25 scholarships have been offered for English language courses.