The Parentes Educational Network is getting bigger and bigger. The advantage of growing is that we have more aspects to learn together. Last Saturday, April 24, an International Conference for Teachers took place, with the title “Response to current challenges in education.” This virtual event was organized by the Parentes International Educational Network and Los Pinos School in Quito, Ecuador, since both institutions seek to respond to the current challenges of online education.
As a result of the current pandemic situation, the lack of certainty in the educational field has become even more pressing for many countries. This event had approximately 200 attendees from more than 70 schools in Ecuador, Colombia and Spain, who had the opportunity to attend the keynote talk “Neuroeducation to attract attention”, a topic applicable to current times taught by the prestigious educational consultant and professor of the Neuropsychology and Education Master at UNIR, Chema Lázaro. Chema is also Co-founder of NIUCO Educación, a company in the educational sector, which bases his professional activity on the transformation and accompaniment of educational entities in search of a methodological change, based on the precepts of neurodidactics.
The conference was closed by Andrés Ayala, clinical psychologist from the Universidad Hemisferios in Quito, with the keynote address “Recovering the Student’s Gaze”, a closing that allowed attendees to reaffirm their passion for teaching and, above all, responsibility commitment that means accompanying the student closely.