Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second edition of the Training Days of the Parentes International Educational Network. Over the course of four days, directors, delegates, coordinators, and staff from schools within the Educational Network from various parts of the world will gather to share experiences and continue growing together. This second edition will take place at the Sacred Heart School in Madrid, recently incorporated into the Educational Network.

Among the attendees at the training sessions are educational leaders and representatives from different affiliated or belonging schools within the Educational Network. The hosts from the Sacred Heart School in Madrid will be joined by individuals from countries such as the Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, Mexico, Lithuania, and Lebanon. The international profile of the sessions will therefore be one of the great advantages, allowing for a wide diversity of perspectives and educational experiences from which to learn.

Four days for learning and discovering new educational realities

The sessions will kick off on Tuesday, the 14th, with a dinner at the Residence of the Sacred Heart School, where the attendees will be staying. Throughout the rest of the week, until Thursday the 18th, directors, coordinators, and delegates will enjoy a comprehensive agenda, including various conferences, workshops, and group work sessions. Topics to be addressed include the importance of families and their connection to the school, communication techniques, best practices, identification with the educational project and the school’s ideology, as well as the evaluation of the school’s performance, among other relevant topics for 21st-century education and the mission of the Parentes International Educational Network.

A prominent part of the sessions will include visits to renowned educational institutions in Madrid, such as Arenales Carabanchel School and Maria Teresa School, both belonging to the Arenales Foundation, Los Tilos School, and Tajamar School. These visits are highly enriching for directors and delegates, as they provide an opportunity to observe how each school’s culture materializes and witness the real functioning of various initiatives that could be implemented in their places of origin.

With a variety of training content, visits, workshops, and presentations, the II Training Days of the Parentes International Educational Network promise to be a unique learning space and a forum for collaboration that will contribute to the continuous growth and development of each of the centers within the Educational Network.