Last Wednesday, June 30, the famous end-of-school-year certificate was solemnly presented to the students of the Základní škola Parentes school in Prague. The škola Parentes is a benchmark institution in the Czech Republic that, like many others around the world, has joined the Parentes International Educational Network in order to add experiences, looking for an academic excellence.

Základní škola Parentes is a growing school, born in September 2014, whose teaching model is Vzdělávacího programu pro základní vzdělávání Škola pro rodinu (Educational Program of Basic Education School for the Family) that is implemented in 38 countries around the world and is based on 5 pillars: Close cooperation between the school and family, Education in virtues and social values, including awareness of responsibility, Individual approach to the student and his family (mentoring system), Differentiated education and Spiritual overlap of education. Its classes are characterized by having a low number of students (no more than 20 children per class) to ensure an individual and personalized education, as well as learning English from the 1st year.

Recently the Fundación Parentes board visited the new Základní škola Parentes facilities in the Czech capital and learned first-hand about the improvement projects that will continue to be carried out in the new buildings.