Initiated in March 2023, the Wayra-Mafi project aimed at improving the protection of adolescent mothers and maternal-infant well-being in Cusco and Tacna has already surpassed the halfway point of its implementation period with very positive results.

Through this project, in which the Parentes Foundation collaborates with two associations of the Society of Jesus – the Wayra Association in Cusco and the Cristo Rey del Niño y Adolescente Center (CCRNA) in Tacna – the goal is to promote the personal, family, and social well-being of women and their children, as well as improve the emotional bond between them.

Both the Wayra Association and the Cristo Rey del Niño y Adolescente Center (CCRNA) have years of experience in maternal-infant well-being programs and psychosocial support for adolescent mothers. Over the years of action in their respective regions, they have focused on serving marginalized and impoverished communities, where the women who come to these centers are adolescents facing serious nutritional deficiencies and lack essential knowledge about health and nutrition care for themselves and their children.

In this context, the support provided by the Parentes Foundation focuses on a series of activities aimed at improving the lives of these adolescent mothers and their children. This includes psychosocial care, psychological counseling, sessions on dietary habits, guidance on breastfeeding, as well as prenatal and early stimulation sessions for the comprehensive development of the children. Additionally, workshops on personal and social skills are being conducted, along with vocational training in productive workshops and sessions to raise awareness for the prevention of violence against adolescent mothers. All of this is complemented by personalized support through home visits to adolescent mothers to provide socioemotional support.

In total, it is expected to benefit 110 adolescent mothers, aged between 12 and 23 years, and their children aged 0 to 3 years. Furthermore, this project is expected to indirectly benefit around 550 people, mainly relatives of the assisted women, impacting the overall living conditions and future prospects of the communities in Cusco and Tacna positively.