From Parentes Foundation and the NGO Action, Development, and Sustainability (ADS), we continue working to improve access to education in Ethiopia through the “Schools for Development” Program. In this academic year, two new transformative educational projects are beginning in the communities of Semera and Jimma. These educational initiatives, implemented in collaboration with the Missionaries of Charity of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, aim to enhance access to education and provide a better future for the country’s most underserved communities.

Expansion of the Primary School in Semera

The expansion project of the Nursery and Primary School in Semera, located in the Afar Region, represents a significant step toward improving educational conditions in the region. Currently, the school only has classrooms to accommodate up to the sixth grade. The NGO ADS has taken on the management and supervision of this project, which will facilitate the expansion of the school to complete primary education up to the 8th grade, with the construction of two blocks of three classrooms each.

The construction will also include complete toilets and a septic tank, as well as the drilling of a well for clean water and a solar-powered pumping system. This will improve the hygiene and sanitation conditions of the center, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment. After the expansion, the school will be able to accommodate 224 children and youth each year, benefiting entire families facing high levels of poverty, malnutrition, and illiteracy in the Semera area.

Construction of a Nursery School in Jimma

Simultaneously, in Jimma, in the Oromia region, also in collaboration with the NGO ADS, the construction of a Nursery School has begun, which will be managed by the Missionaries of Charity. The development of this project has been made possible through the donation of land by the Diocese and the permission of the Regional Education Directorate. The school will have the capacity to accommodate up to 350 children in the three levels of Early Childhood Education.

These projects are a testament to the commitment of the Parentes Foundation to education and sustainable development in Ethiopia. We hope that these transformative efforts will provide a brighter future for local communities and promote access to quality education in a secure environment.