Nowadays we cannot stop hearing about digital skills, and that is good, of course it is; in fact, from the Fundación Parentes we were the first ones to implement them in the schools of the International Educational Network. But in order to advance, a society can not only keep pace with the latest technology, but also have to look back and gain momentum through classic values ​​that have served people – for thousands of years – when it comes to build the true state of well-being and reach full realization as a human being. At the Fundación Parentes, being faithful to our commitment to “pull society up” through the promotion of academic excellence and training in humanistic values, we do not stop working to update the understanding and reflection of our students on these basic principles, in which we know that human happiness is based. For this, we also work hard on pedagogical aspects, we know that in order to be heard by the youngest, we are the ones who have to adapt to their channels and to the new ways in which they are willing to receive information.

It is essential that, together with the academic project, we work on competencies that reinforce self-knowledge and critical thinking of young and old, so necessary in the following stages of their social and professional life. Therefore, we announce that we are working with great enthusiasm on a new project that promotes social skills related to leadership and adapted to each stage of learning from the classroom.

Fortunately, in some of our centers, as in the case of the school Los Pinos in Quito, they have been working these skills with female students for years. Competences such as the complex sense of resilience are addressed in the classroom to help Ecuadorian students adapt to difficulties and overcome difficult life situations. The teaching team hopes, at least, that they keep the clear idea that “pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” We leave the article here so that you can see how these situations work: