Fundación Parentes is proud to collaborate with the institute of higher education for women in Peru. Condoray is a professional school that offers quality technical training to women from the Cañete Valley and other towns in southern Peru. Condoray’s work began in 1963 with almost no human and material resources; the objective was to revalue the women from Cañete and give them access to education. Day by day, with the efforts of many people, the pages of this reference have been written so that today many Peruvian women are trained to be at the forefront of professional management and innovation.

Especially in these times of pandemic, the Fundación Parentes has supported the Condoray students in a digital transformation project that allows them to better understand and master new digital tools. In particular, the students have been trained in the optimization of internal management processes and data analysis for the commercial field. For this, it has counted on Google Business Group Piura, a community that since 2013 has supported many Peruvian entrepreneurs to learn about new technologies. Within the Google Business Group Piura, the students have participated in an area called Women Will, “which seeks to empower women entrepreneurs through the use of technology in business.”

From Fundación Parentes, the students have also been trained to assume the goals set in the admission campaign for 2021 and in the rest of the institutional agreements proposed by Condoray, which include the development of a comprehensive institutional communication campaign to strengthen the image of the technical school . The main objective is to expand the number of collaborations with other companies and strategic partners.