Family Support Center

An initiative, in collaboration with Consulta Dr. Carlos Chiclana, to provide parents and students with comprehensive care.

This project was created to meet the psychological, family and mental health needs of the infant-juvenile population and their families and to strengthen them in the process, especially in the face of the difficulties of the pandemic.

Why does it start up?

Data on the need and specific objectives

Project developed by Fuenllana

We face many personal, relationship, economic, social and health difficulties. In addition, the COVID pandemic has caused an increase in psychological and psychiatric symptoms. Thus, several studies report that in Spain, during the pandemic, 32.7% have felt down, depressed or hopeless, with a high consumption of psychopharmaceuticals (9.8%). 85.7% of parents perceived changes in their children’s mental health, mainly with difficulties in concentration and irritability.

In addition, many parents need to combine teleworking with childcare, supervision of academic tasks and without the help of other caregivers, which has increased the difficulties in cohabitation.

According to some studies, more than 20% of minors present during childhood some type of mental pathology that requires specialized attention.

In the last year, primary care pediatric services and mental health referrals have seen an increase in consultations for anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, self-injury and somatization. In addition, eating disorders have doubled, are more severe and require more admissions than before the pandemic.

Pediatricians and mental health professionals have urged official institutions to get involved in promoting and implementing preventive measures in child and adolescent mental health, and to provide and improve care resources for this population group. The consequences of not addressing mental health conditions extend into adulthood, affecting both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead a full life as an adult.

Are you interested?

Our Areas of Work

The main objective of this unit is to help the students and parents of the school from a different perspective, in an environment close to them. This help can involve not only different mental health professionals (psychologists, therapists, family counselors, psychiatrists, etc.), but also teachers, tutors, other families, etc., and the family itself, all in an integrated way and with a collaborative strategy.

The aim is to energize the home as a fundamental institution for the development of the person, to integrate the family in the educational process and to help the child and adolescent in their development as a person, which involves not only intellectual formation but also the formation of character, affectivity, communication, personal, couple, parent-child relationships, emotional regulation and a wide range of tools that will enable them to meet the challenges they face in a changing society.

Crisis intervention

Attention to students and parents who need it due to psychopathology.

Couple and family support

Attention and guidance for couples and families.


Development of specific prevention programs, both for parents and students, from kindergarten to the end of the educational stage in Fuenllana.

Teacher training and education

Specific workshops on the challenges of each stage of development.

Other objectives

Helping to recognize one’s own emotions and those of others; differentiating between different feelings and labeling them appropriately; using emotional information to guide thinking, behavior and relationships. All of these contribute to regulating emotions to adapt to the environment or achieve personal goals.

For a good personal development it is essential to have a good self-knowledge and to have the tools to manage one’s character. For this reason, we seek to help those who participate in the various programs to acquire the intellectual, affective, volitional and moral resources necessary to lead a good life.

The aim is to improve the interpersonal communication of the participants in order to provide them with the necessary tools to ensure a good performance in all areas: family, social, academic and work.

Practical information

The CAF is available to all students and parents, as well as to their teachers and non-teaching professionals.

It is necessary to make an appointment with the coordinator Enrique de Alba, by sending an e-mail or a WhatsApp message.

Consultations with the coordinator Enrique de Alba are free of charge. Consultations with professionals from Dr. Chiclana’s office are subsidized and have a special rate, the cost will be 40 €.