Leadership training

What is the Leadership Training program?

Project developed by Los Pinos y Fuenllana

In order to continue training leaders who transcend in the world and to transfer our educational model to the highest quality standards, the leadership project “Leadership Training” enriches the educational project in an integral way. In this way, students are prepared to develop skills and face the processes, experiences and search for solutions for their university and professional life.

It is a leadership program designed and appropriate for the school stage, which seeks to accelerate the personal maturity of the students, promoting their self-knowledge and metacognition. We are helping them to reflect on what they have learned, to really learn with critical thinking, creativity, communication and leadership.

The Leadership Training Program covers from 1st ESO to 2nd of Bachillerato. Our goal is that our students arrive better prepared for university, and manage to perform in different situations through more human facets for the good of society.

One of its main objectives is to promote the professional development of students by improving their personal skills. In addition, it aims to grow in them a sense of purpose and the desire to generate a positive impact on their social and personal environment.

Work areas

Accompanied by the work and initiative of the teaching staff, Leadership Training is developed through three specific areas:

  • Curricular Activities: activities in each subject where one or more competencies are enhanced.
  • Conferences: theoretical sessions where an external speaker talks about a current topic related to the improvement of competencies.
  • Personal tutoring: regular conversations in which a tutor assigned to each student advises her on academic, personal and competency issues.

Leadership Training Program

What competencies we develop

The Leadership Training Program proposes 15 specific activities that will be developed in the students during their years at the school. We highlight some of them:



Critical thinking






How we achieve it

One of the main tools of the Leadership Training Project is the competencies manual, where you will find each of them and the way to acquire them. On the other hand, each student will have her own manual and will be able to take the tests and know where to improve.

They will also get practical advice on how to improve and achieve their competencies. It will also serve as a guide for their tutors and they will be able to set goals in order to make each student’s progress visible.

The three main axes of the manual are detailed below:

  • Content of competencies: it is a synthetic guide of competencies that will serve as an orientation for students and tutors.
  • Repository of learning: the students will write down their reflections and points of personal improvement in the Learning Diary.
  • Visibility of competencies in the educational project: the program will help the school to make visible the activities it carries out for the personal improvement of the students.