Local partner: Action, Development and Sustainability Foundation (ADS)

Geographical area: Sagure (Oromia region)

Description: The ADS Foundation has been working since 2005 in Ethiopia with the aim of promoting education and awareness-raising in the country, as well as access to water in the most needy regions. The kindergarten and primary school in Sagure belongs to the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary and offers a quality education to people in need offers quality education to people who have no resources, thus enabling their access to education. The project aims to improve part of the school’s infrastructures that were made of precarious materials, in order to made with precarious materials, specifically, the nursery school, the dining room, the administrative building and the teachers’ room.  In this way, it is intended to guarantee the existence of more suitable spaces that will have an impact on the reduction of school dropout rates among pupils in the community and the the number of pupils accessing and completing their primary education.

Scope: The school has an average of 484 pupils, of which around 172 are primary school pupils aged between 7 and 12 years old and 312 are pre-school pupils aged 3 to 6. All the students, as well as the school’s teaching and management staff, benefit from the improvements in the school’s infrastructure infrastructure of the school.