The Junkabal Foundation began its work in 1963 and, since then, it has been implementing programs that respond to the objective of incorporating the Guatemalan population with limited economic resources into the development process, opening new horizons for formal and technical education. Since teh beginning, Junkabal has placed special emphasis on serving women in extreme poverty who live in marginal areas of Guatemala City, especially in the areas surrounding the municipal garbage dump that is located just two hundred meters away from the Junkabal facilities.

It has three different education programs: JunkaCentro is the technical training area, the Junkabal School that provides access to formal education from pre-primary to high school, and Proyecta, which is the social program where more than 100 women and their families benefit of dental and nutritional health care and income-generating opportunities through Junkabal’s Eco Arte project.

Junkabal seeks support to achieve the dream of renovating the School’s facilities. The project seeks to build 25 new classrooms that can benefit 750 students. Fundación Parentes has already joined the Junkabalito project in its first construction phase. The context of the area in which it is located is one of the last lands that has lush trees in the garbage area of ​​Guatemala City. The contact with nature that the students will be able to have will be a great added value that the future Junkabal School will offer.