The Parentes Foundation begins its collaboration with El Centro Cristo Rey del Niño y Adolescente in the city of Tacna, in southern Peru, providing the necessary equipment to this work promoted by the Society of Jesus to train young people in computer skills, sewing and electricity.

The Centro Cristo Rey del Niño y Adolescente (El Centro) has been improving the living conditions of the vulnerable population of the city of Tacna since 1987. From the Parentes Foundation we opened a line of collaboration with this institution to facilitate the expansion of its educational programmes with the “Implementation of 3 productive workshops for the integral development of manual, productive and economic skills”.

It all started when the young American Jeff Thielman, arrived in Tacna to work as a volunteer English teacher at the Cristo Rey School, founded by the Society of Jesus. On his walks through the city Jeff was impressed to meet many children working on the streets of Tacna cleaning shoes, washing cars, selling newspapers, or carrying water, etc. Moved by the enthusiasm of these children in spite of their difficult reality, he created, together with Father Juan Foley S.J., a place to welcome these children, which was initially called Centro Cristo Rey del Niño Trabajador (Christ the King of the Working Children Centre).

Training programmes at El Centro
For more than 35 years, the Cristo Rey Child and Adolescent Centre has been creating opportunities for the future and ensuring the protection of the rights of the vulnerable population: children, adolescents, young people and women. The initial programmes of shelter and education have been extending their lines of action, adapting to the needs of the population. The Centre currently has programmes such as ‘Sumaq warmi’ focused on supporting women victims of violence, or Madres Adolescentes Fortalecidas e Integradas (MAFI) which assists pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in vulnerable situations, while continuing to develop education and vocational training programmes such as Educación Básica Alternativa (EBA).

Following our objective of promoting the Right to Education of the most vulnerable population, from the Parentes Foundation we join the work of the Cristo Rey Child and Adolescent Centre by establishing a cooperation programme for the “Implementation of 3 productive workshops for the integral development of manual, productive and economic capacities in vulnerable populations”. In this sense, the support of the Parentes Foundation will be mainly aimed at acquiring and renewing materials and equipment for the workshops. It is estimated that this project will benefit around 400 young people.

These workshops will provide vocational training courses that will not only equip participants with knowledge for entrepreneurship and economic independence, but will also promote education in rights as a tool for social change and the protection of vulnerable groups.