During this week, the Parentes Foundation has organized a week of training for school leaders from Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Congo. 

A group of 12 attendees, including managers and teachers, had the opportunity to meet in depth 6 schools in Madrid, with different characteristics and educational projects in order to learn in the academic, organizational and communication of each of them. 

The main objective of these days was to work on contents related to the course of “Best Teaching Practices”, given by the Parentes Foundation -in collaboration with different schools-, so that they can adapt it to the languages and needs of each country.  

From Cameroon, the directors of the Tiama and Azobé schools (EFEDI Educational Association) attended the meeting. From Ivory Coast, the steering committee and several teachers from L’école des familles: Etimoé and Makoré participated. Also present at the meeting were directors and teachers from the Lycée Liziba and Complexe Scolaire Bozindo schools in Congo. 

The visit plan was developed from Monday to Friday between the schools Arenales Carabanchel, Retamar, Fuenllana, Tajamar, Orvalle and Los Tilos. Training talks, guided tours of the facilities, meetings on academic and training projects were some of the topics they worked on with the directors and heads of studies of each host school.

Thanks to the generosity of these institutions, which support the work of the Parentes Foundation, we can move forward in our mission to overcome the educational challenges presented in recent years.

Collaboration within and beyond our borders allows other educational entities to offer an integral education of the person through an excellent academic offer.