During the month of October, the operations director of the Parentes Foundation, Adrian Forastier, has traveled to YaoundéCameroon– to continue with the development and consolidation of the Azobe and Tiama schools.

Together with the EFEDI Association, the Parentes Foundation held working meetings with the executive committee of the schools and the committee of the new project, called “OLOA Project”, to review the priorities of the current approach and identify the needs for its proper development. 

One of the main objectives of the trip was to visit different local construction companies to check the viability of each of them in terms of organization, quality and safety level. 

 The EFEDI executive committee also showed the Parentes Foundation the location and potential of the land where the Azobe and Tiama schools will be relocated. This area has been under construction since last summer thanks to the work camps of schools such as Retamar (Madrid) and La Farga (Barcelona), who helped to clear part of the land, drill the well and start the construction of the outer fence. 

 During the trip, the EFEDI Board of Directors showed their support for a close collaboration with the Parentes Foundation, through a formal meeting on the “OLOA Project”. 

 This initiative arises from the need of Azobe and Tiama schools to improve their facilities and offer quality education. Thanks to its new location, in a residential area, they will be able to reach more families and unify the educational proposal in the same complex, facilitating and making profitable the resources for both institutions.