Local partner: Company of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Geographical area: ANGOLA: Luanda (province of Luanda), Lobito and Balombo (province of Benguela) and Kibala, (province of Kwanza-South).
MOZAMBIQUE: Chokwe (Gaza province), Matola and Manhiça (Maputo province), Nacaroa and Nacala (Nampula province).

Description: The Company of the Daughters of Charity since its foundation in 1633 has been committed to education as a privileged means for the integral formation of children and young people.
The project has been aimed at supporting 4 schools in Angola and 7 schools in Mozambique. The schools are located in very impoverished neighbourhoods, where the presence of the sisters also makes possible health care, attention to the elderly in a situation of abandonment and help to families with programmes for the prevention of alcoholism, support for people with malnutrition, among other social programmes.
The support of the Parentes Foundation is aimed at improving the state of the facilities of some educational centres that are in a situation of deterioration, renewing the furniture for some classrooms, as well as rehabilitating the water supply and sanitation systems or maintaining the generators of those centres that need it. On the other hand, support is provided for the acquisition of information equipment and textbooks. Training in good teaching practices has also been provided for teachers and scholarships have been awarded to students in situations of greater vulnerability to guarantee their access to studies.

Scope: In Angola, the 4 schools have a total of 3,304 students and in Mozambique the 7 schools have 11,348 students, between primary and secondary education. All these students, as well as the teaching staff, benefit directly from the improvements in the facilities and the equipment and materials purchased. On the other hand, 150 teachers from Angola and 300 from Mozambique have participated in the training of good teaching practices.