Last September, the Parentes Foundation was visited by Ciro Candia, founder of an organization that seeks to support and train couples in their work as parents.

Through specialized centers and schools that require this training, Ciro Candia, focuses his project on marriage as a fundamental basis for the education of children. His experience and research comes from working for more than 25 years in schools such as Oakwood School in Purley, England.

During his visit to Spain, the Parentes Foundation organized several working sessions in schools that have this type of training for their families and are referents thanks to the success cases in its development and implementation in schools.

Schools such as Alegra British School, Retamar and El Prado, shared their experiences, knowing the importance of accompanying couples during the school stage of their children.

Supporting educational institutions and projects that meet specific needs in different areas and locations is part of the identity of the Parentes Foundation, promoting – among other activities – the exchange of experiences between entities that promote social initiatives and development cooperation.