The Parentes Educational Network is formed by several institutions from all over the world, with different particularities, experiences and contexts. This, besides strengthening the global character of the Network, allows everyone to benefit from the best experiences and replicate them in favor of education.

In recent days, our school located in Prague held an Open Day, with the aim of publicizing its educational project and, above all, to show what the day-to-day life of the students with their teachers is like: how they work, what values are promoted, how they have fun and learn at the same time, etc. On other occasions, our institutions located in Ecuador and England have also done so, thus reinforcing the international axis between them.

More than a promotional strategy, the Open Day has become one of the most recurrent activities within the Educational Network, not only for wanting to make visible the pedagogical proposal offered, but for the great contribution it means for the educational community as a whole, as it helps to know in depth the current needs of education and to maintain a two-way communication with families.

In Fundación Parentes we know how important and fundamental it is to involve parents from the first moment; being the main responsible and protagonists of the formation of their children, we understand that a quality education is only possible when the family and the institution share the same values and educational principles. The Open Day helps us to enhance the value of each school, family and student to accompany them in their formation, growth and development.