In an emotional ceremony, representatives of the ONCE Foundation for Latin America (FOAL) carried out the delivery of a Perkins machine for Braille writing to the Leonardo Ponce Pozo School in Quito. The donation, mediated by the Parentes Foundation, aims to strengthen inclusive education and support the learning of visually impaired students at the institution.

The Leonardo Ponce Pozo School, recognized for its dedication to inclusion and curriculum adaptation for people with visual disabilities, welcomed this significant contribution with enthusiasm. Currently, the educational center has 16 visually impaired students, for whom access to specialized tools like the Perkins machine is crucial in their learning process.

The Perkins machine is a device used for Braille writing. Invented by David Abraham Perkins in 1951, this tool allows users to create raised-text in Braille. The machine has six keys, each representing a point in the Braille cell, and by pressing different combinations of these keys, users can imprint letters, numbers, and symbols on embossed paper, making it easier for blind or visually impaired individuals to read tactilely. This machine has been essential for the education and inclusion of visually impaired individuals, enabling them to access knowledge and communicate effectively with the world around them.

A learning opportunity for 20 students

The importance of this donation lies in the fact that, out of the six machines the school had, three were damaged, while the remaining three were still functional but showed signs of wear. The Perkins machine donated by FOAL arrives at a crucial moment, as the school has enrolled four new visually impaired students for this year, and it was a priority to have the proper equipment to ensure agile and efficient handling of Braille in their academic formation.

In its 40 years of existence, the Leonardo Ponce Pozo School has demonstrated a strong commitment to the inclusion and education of people with disabilities, offering scholarships and exempting its students from paying registration or monthly fees. Thanks to its dedication and specialized work, it has become a reference in the city of Quito in promoting equal opportunities for all.

The Parentes Foundation, aware of the importance of this donation, took on the responsibility of coordinating the transportation and delivery of the Perkins machine to the school, thus contributing to ensuring that this valuable resource reaches the benefiting students in a timely manner.