After a period of collaboration in various areas, Tiama and Azobe schools from the EFEDI Family Association in Cameroon are joining the Parentes International Educational Network, which already comprises 15 schools worldwide.

The trilingual single-sex schools, Tiama (female) and Azobe (male) are located in the heart and capital of Cameroon, Yaounde. These schools were initiated by the École Famille Education Intégrale (EFEDI) Association, led by Dr. Esther Tallah, a pediatric specialist. In addition to her professional work, Dr Tallah has been instrumental in driving various educational initiatives, particularly focused on improving the living conditions of the youth and ensuring access to education and healthcare for women in Cameroon.

The ties between the Parentes Foundation and Tiama and Azobe began to form in 2021 – 2022 with the participation of faculty from these institutions in the Good Pedagogical Practices courses. These courses facilitated improvements in their training in areas such as academic planning, family interactions, student mentoring, assessment methods, and more. As part of the program, some teachers had the opportunity to train in Madrid and visit some of the city’s schools.

In addition to the teacher training courses, the Parentes Foundation has coordinated international volunteer stays, where former students from Retamar and La Farga schools contributed to preparing the groundwork for the “OLOA Project,” marking the beginning of the construction of the new campuses for Tiama and Azobe schools. It is estimated that by the start of the next academic year, the first buildings of these schools will be available, initiating the transition to this new location near Yaoundé airport.

The Future of Tiama and Azobe

The new buildings will not only improve classroom conditions but also expand the number of available spaces with two primary school lines, gradually opening in secondary and high school. The inclusion of Tiama and Azobé in the Parentes International Educational Network will not affect the structure of these schools or imply changes in the teaching staff. However, three members of the Foundation have joined the board of EFEDI to advise the leadership and optimize the functioning of the schools, ensuring that as many students as possible can access quality education for a better future.

The educational proposal of both Tiama and Azobé focuses on offering a comprehensive, quality education that nurtures both academic and human excellence, in line with the principles of the Catholic doctrine. The Parentes International Educational Network will provide the necessary support to these schools to continue their mission while fully benefiting from the advantages of being part of the educational network. This includes the opportunity to exchange experiences with other educational institutions worldwide, access unique training programs for both students and teaching staff, consulting services, and the assurance of the backing of the Parentes Foundation