Representatives of Parentes Foundation visited the Clinic and Maternity Hospital run by the Fundación Ayuda Familiar y Comunitaria (AFAC) in the Cotocollao area of Quito, Ecuador. This initiative reflects the commitment to the continuous improvement of medical care and the welfare of the most needy communities.

The Parentes Foundation has actively supported the transformation of the facilities at AFAC’s headquarters. The improvements include the construction of two medical offices, the adaptation of floors, ceilings, walls, electrical installations, common areas, the façade of the clinic and a complete renovation of the painting of the buildings. In addition, new medical diagnostic, surgical treatment and laboratory equipment has been purchased, especially aimed at improving the obstetrics and gynaecology service.

This project will allow women in vulnerable situations to access quality medical services free of charge, significantly reducing the risk of mortality and combating nutritional deficits in women and children. Thanks to these improvements, the AFAC Foundation will be able to continue to play a vital role in providing assistance, training and raising awareness in the field of maternal and child health, with a positive impact on the entire community. Together with Angela Barreto, director of AFAC, part of the team of clinical specialists and the architect in charge of the works, we had the opportunity to tour the clinic and see that the works are progressing well. 

This collaboration between Fundación Parentes and AFAC highlights the transformative power of humanitarian aid and reaffirms the joint commitment of both organisations in the promotion of health and wellbeing in Ecuador.