At Fundación Parentes we know that the involvement of parents in the educational project is essential; family unity together with a demanding professional education strengthens the person and the family in all aspects of their lives. Parents are the main educators of their children, but these at birth do not come with an instruction manual under their arms. Therefore, to educate well, in addition to wanting to do it, we have to learn how to do it. That is why all the schools that are part of or collaborate with the International Educational Network have training options for parents, where they are provided with tools so that they can build happier families and where they get to know their children better.

In the extensive training journey carried out by the Fundación Parentes this week, we reached Russia through the IFFD. The course taught by the International Federation of Family Development began on April 1 and will end on April 24, with the aim of improving education and family communication based on case analysis. 

All this training is shared with other parents, at which point it is easier to face complex situations. At the end of the training course, most parents acknowledge that they have tools to enjoy better communication within the family and also in married life. 

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