The Parentes Foundation has partnered in the implementation of three projects with the Fraternity of the Holy Cross and All Saints in the Kilulu Mission in Kenya. These projects, developed between June and November 2023, have had a significant impact on education, food security, water supply and employment promotion in the region.

The partnership with the Fraternity has carried out three lines of action: firstly, a programme to refurbish the classroom and canteen facilities at Kilulu primary school; an evangelisation and Catholic formation initiative in 11 schools in the area; and finally, a food security, water supply and employment programme.

Facilities improvement

This project focused on providing better access to quality education for 300 children, along with the construction of a canteen, which was inaugurated at the start of the 2024 school year. The provision of desks and school equipment has enabled the pupils to study in an environment more favourable for learning, while the nutritional programme that completes the intervention provides them with an adequate meal daily.

Evangelisation and Catholic formation

The main objective of this pilot project, which ended recently, was to raise the level of education and Catholic education of approximately 4,700 children and young people in 11 schools. Over six months, Father Allan Mukhula, the project coordinator, and several catechists conducted training meetings and a programme of human and Christian formation. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with a particular appreciation for the sessions on character formation, spirituality and Gospel values.

Food security, water supply and employment

The Kilulu Mission is located in a dry region of Kenya, so water supply is one of the major challenges faced by the community. In order to facilitate access to drinking water and hydric resources for the development of agriculture, Parentes Foundation has financed the construction of a well with a depth of more than 150 metres. In addition, training seminars have been held for farmers, mainly women and young people, with the aim of increasing food production, encouraging the creation of cooperatives and enhancing financial literacy.

The Parentes Foundation thanks all those involved who have made possible the development of these projects, which will be continued in the future by extending the collaboration with the Fraternity of the Holy Cross in the Kilulu Mission.