From Fundación Parentes we want to highlight the importance of the figure of the Tutor in personalized education, key in many schools of our International Educational Network.

For this, today we travel to Ecuador, in particular to Los Pinos school, located in Quito, as an example of good practice. In Los Pinos, personalized education is promoted as a meaning to help its students achieve the highest goals both academically and personally.

“We know that every student is different and, consequently, deserves constant attention, individual treatment and adequate monitoring, always respecting their freedom” They tell us from Los Pinos Directorate, from where they insist that this accompaniment cannot be done another way if not through tutoring. The tutor, in this case, exercises unipersonal attention for the integral development of the student, since she is involved not only in the state of the subjects that the student takes, but also in her evolution and personal maturity. This work is essential when it comes to instilling in each student the illusion to build a solid life project as soon as possible. In addition, the tutor not only works with the student, but her task involves collaborating with parents and teachers. Ultimately, the role of the tutor is to help the student to get to know each other, to make good use of freedom by acting responsibly. All this in an atmosphere of trust and sincerity, with love and demand, seeking to form, as the mission of Los Pinos school pursues, “a woman consistent with her convictions who seeks to change the world.”

The achievement of personal tutoring bases the educational process on the singularity of the person, considering it unique and unrepeatable, capable of deciding and acting with autonomy and responsibility, in an attitude of service and a sense of transcendence.